10 Quick Questions w/ Corey Furmage

10 Quick Questions w/ Corey Furmage

Most kids these days aren’t really into helmets. What’s your reason for rocking the old brain bucket?
When I was younger, I never really wore a helmet. Unless I was at a skatepark where it was required. My local skatepark in Apple Valley didn’t allow bikes when I first started going there. We would always get hassled by cops & code enforcement for being in there with our bikes. They would even write tickets & impound bikes for a month, which I was a victim of back in 2005. As time went on, I started wearing a helmet when I would ride the skatepark, hoping that the cops & code enforcement wouldn’t care if I was in there on a bike, as long I was wearing a helmet. They still didn’t care though. But, thanks to my Dad, for going to many town council meetings for over five years, bikes are finally allowed. As I got a little older, another reason I started wearing a helmet was because I realized it was the way to go. All it takes is one good hit to the head & you can cause some serious damage. Also, wearing a helmet makes me feel like I can produce more & be more confident when doing a trick.

Don’t you know brakes are out? Why haven’t you followed the brakeless trend?
When I first started riding in the 90’s, everyone ran brakes. It was rare to see someone without ’em. Now, it’s the complete opposite. Haha. I just never changed up my riding style. Brakes keep riding interesting, fun & fresh for me. Especially front brakes! I’m always trying to think of new & creative moves that you don’t really see people do these days.

How’s the riding scene in Apple Valley?
It’s chill. There’s a good handful of shredders for sure! I usually just ride my local skatepark. Some days, the park will have a good amount of bikers & it would be an awesome session. Then other days, it could just be me & a few friends. But every now & then, a few of us will go on a little street mission. A few years back, there was a good amount of us who rode & we all pretty much knew each other. We would never really see any bikers that we didn’t know. But nowadays,  I constantly see new kids riding who I have never seen before.

What are your three favorite songs at the moment?
“You” by Evidence, “Second Place” by Royce Da 5’9, and “Everybody Get Up” by Roger Troutman.

What is your favorite video part or web edit of 2012?
It’s impossible to just pick one! But some of my favorites are the Connor Lodes MARKIT Edit, Simone Barraco Welcome to the Subrosa Pro Team Edit, and Devon Smillie Welcome to Fly Edit.

What is your favorite Props Visual Video?
Road Fools 12. I love the whole vibe of that movie! Awesome riders & great music!

Did you ever do crazy tricks while playing Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 and thought they would never be possible? But now, people are actually doing them?
I always thought this when I would play back in the day. Now, most of these crazy tricks are actually being done. It’s wild! Even now when I play & do a crazy trick, I just think of a certain rider who could probably get it done in real life. Haha. BMX has progressed so much!

There’s lots of negativity on the web, especially on BMX sites. Why do you think this is?
The most negative thing I see is people hating on someone elses style. It makes no sense to me! It’s like, they think one certain riding style is better than another. I love how BMX has so many different & diverse riding styles. It would get pretty boring to only see edits where everyone is doing the same exact stuff. All of the people who are negative just need to open their minds & appreciate all styles of riding.

Beside riding, you like to film & edit. How did you get into that?
Pretty much just always watching BMX Videos & web edits is what made me want to start making videos of my own. My first camera that I started to make edits with was a Polaroid CAA-03040 Digital Video Camera that my mom got for my brother & I, which I believe was in 2007. If I never got that camera, I have no idea when I would have started filming & editing. So big thanks to my mom for getting us that camera! I never knew how much went into filming & editing until I started actually doing it. It’s a lot of work & can get stressful at times! Haha. But it’s definitely a great feeling once you get a video all put together & up on the web for everyone to see. It’s like a feeling of accomplishment for sure!

What type of riding do you like the best?
I like it all. Dirt, street, ramps, cement parks, flatland, etc. There was a time when I was more into riding dirt jumps & doing air tricks. But now, I’m just more into like technical skatepark riding. I really like linking tricks together & doing combos. I still love all styles of riding though!