Karmaloop Rep | Corey Furmage Freestyle BMX 2013

Karmaloop Rep | Corey Furmage Freestyle BMX 2013

“BMX extraordinaire and Karmaloop Rep, Corey Furmage, doing his thing and showing you how it’s done. Dude has got style for miles!” – Karmaloop

The Karmaloop Rep Program is the official street team of the one and only streetwear giant, karmaloop.com. The crew is made up of the most stylish and talented, shakers and movers in the game. Check it out at repteam.karmaloop.com and get yourself hooked up with loot and free gear!

Corey Furmage

Filmed & Edited By:
Corey Furmage

Rockie Fresh – “Barrell Of A Gun”

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