Maltese BB

The Amber Maltese BB has over 25% weight savings of other BBs. It also distributes the radial load across a greater surface of the spindle, which results in reduced bearing and spindle stress. There are two bearing on each side of the bearing spacer. The Amber Matlese BB is used in the Guerra Martyr frame.
@ Click to Buy MSRP: $19.99 *Compare & Save $5.00

Bearing Size: Available for 19mm Crank Spindles, 4-Precision Sealed Bearings
Colors: Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte Gold, Matte Purple
Weight: 0 lb 4 oz (113 g)
Miscellaneous:  This BB is designed to fit the Guerra Martyr frame. Holds a higher radial load (3600 lbs) than Mid or Spansish bearings (3200 lbs). Anodized Spacers & Chainwheel Adapter Included